Full EP Premiere: Mulciber – ‘Misery of One’

The “O” in OSDM ought to stand for “Ohio” at this point. You can’t swing a dead wolverine around here without hitting a just-formed band that’s alchemizing the gospels of Mortician and Morbid Angel into something new and fetid. As a born-and-raised denizen of the Buckeye State, I welcome this development. It’s my God-given right to walk into any given dive bar, bowling alley, or skate park on any night of the week to get my shit rocked by bone-crunching, post-Cannibal Corpse riffs. I salute every Ohioan soldier serving on the front lines of the Riff Wars.

One recent unit of enlistees is Mulciber, a Cleveland band that formed during the haze of the early pandemic. They’ve emerged from their cave with Misery of One, a debut EP of slightly proggy, totally punishing Ohio-school death metal. It sits around the same point of the technicality-to-brutality spectrum as mid-period Suffocation, and we’re stoked to be premiering it in its entirety today. Listen to the EP and read a statement from the band below.

Misery of One details Lucifer and his fellow fallen angels fall from grace as he is cast from the heavens. Residing in the palace of Hell, constructed by the illustrious architect of the grand palaces of heaven Mulciber, Lucifer begins waging a spiteful war against his advisory in the heavens. Inspired by John Milton’s 1841 painting titled Thy Pandemonium, which we viewed in person at the Louvre Museum in Paris, we looked to Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost to further inform our writing for this album.”

Pre-order Misery of One, out this Friday on Redefining Darkness here and here.