Video Premiere: The Darling Fire – “Rituals”

The Darling Fire
Photo by Miranda Nathanson

Post hardcore rockers The Darling Fire hit us today with a gloomy, moody new video for the track “Rituals,” from their latest album Distortions, out now via Iodine Recordings.

Vocalist Jolie Lindholm shares her opinion about the video:

“‘Rituals’ is a dark expression of the things we do to maintain sanity in an insane world. Our spirit breaks time and again, but we piece it back together, becoming a morphed version of ourselves that’s grown from that anguish. The song’s structure demonstrates the ebbs and flows that life presents, with little breaths and a heavy bridge that slows time like our most traumatic moments often do.

“The actress, Autumn, plays a woman in pain who performs a ceremony in solitude, as an otherworldly entity begins to envelop her. She becomes increasingly more disturbed, contorted, and disheveled. We created an avatar by hand in our home–a mask of collected branches stitched together and wrapped in twine—so we could really show her transformation. She appears among us during our live performance at times, as my shadow, haunting me. She represents human suffering and the rituals that will sometimes invoke unintended things from deep inside of us.

“We knew Toddi Babu would translate our concept to film perfectly, with his dark and wicked treatment, hazy lighting, and edgy cuts. We were sealed in a sensory-deprived room for seven hours, lit only by candles and minimal lighting. The atmosphere was humid, energetic, and dusty, providing just the right amount of grittiness we needed. The performance itself became a ritualistic exorcism for all of us.


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