Track Premiere: Visceral – ‘Upborne with Indefatigable Wings’

New death metal outfit Visceral are quickly making themselves known as a force to be reckoned with, as evidenced on new rager “Upborne with Indefatigable Wings.” While Visceral are chiefly a death metal band, there’s a black metal current that runs beneath the surface of the new song, which makes sense—the lineup features current and former members of Gaerea, Earth Electric, Nightbringer and Enthroned, plus others.

The song jumps right into the action with tremolo riffs and blast beats, bearing down and maximizing speed throughout. Drummer Menthor Serpens is a killer on “Upborne” and Visceral’s entire debut album, The Tree of Venomous Fruit, mechanically holding down the rhythm section alongside bassist Alexandre Ribeiro.

The Tree of Venomous Fruit is due for release on Halloween, but you can listen to “Upborne with Indefatigable Wings” now.