Track Premiere: ORM – “Floden, som kan skabe”

Photo by Adriana Zak

ORM are back with more epic black metal in the form of their third album, Intet • Altet, out September 30 via Indisciplinarian. To get stoked, you can check out their latest track, “Floden, som kan skabe.”

The new album is broken into phases that represent the different stages in life, and this one, the longest at 24 minutes, represents the phase of the “burdened adult,” a phase that we’re all too familiar with. In all seriousness, though, the song  crushes as far as soaring, expansive black metal goes.

“’Floden, som kan skabe’ (‘The river that can create’) is the second track off Intet • Altet and also the longest, with a duration of more than 24 minutes,”the band say. “It is about the second stage of life: the burdened adult. The adult is weighed down by earthly responsibilities, toiling ever harder in the equinox sun to perform their duties to family and society. The lyrics are inspired by local psalms, typically sung at marriage, but also those devoted to the sun, whose visage can bring life but also the scorching heat that tears the lifeblood from all beings.

“Musically, it starts at a mid-tempo pace but slowly evolves into new territories, with a focus on structure, progression, tension, and release. The ending is a trancelike experience in itself, building up to a massive crescendo through repeated monotonous motions. Please, listen intently throughout its whole duration; if given the attention and diligence it deserves, it will reward you with a transcendent experience.”

ORM will embark on a Danish/Norwegian tour in the fall starting at Vega, Copenhagen on the release day and concluding with two Norwegian shows in Bergen and Oslo in November. Tickets for the tour are available here.

ORM Live 2022:

9/30/2022 Lille Vega – København, DK
10/01/2022 Mejeriet – Sønderborg, DK
10/07/2022 Studenterhuset – Aalborg, DK
10/08/2022 Kansas City – Odense, DK
10/14/2022 Musikhuzet – Rønne, DK
10/15/2022 Godset – Kolding, DK
10/21/2022 Radar – Aarhus, DK
10/22/2022 Tobakken – Esbjerg, DK
10/28/2022 Bygningen – Vejle, DK
10/29/2022 Elværket – Helsingør, DK
11/04/2022 Gimle – Roskilde, DK
11/05/2022 Templet – Lyngby, DK
11/11/2022 Skur14 – Bergen, NO
11/12/2022 Vaterland – Oslo, NO

Preorder the album here, and presave it here.