Blast Worship: Shitstormtrooper

Where they from?
Houston, Texas. What an incredible Week 2 of NFL football. I was rolling on the floor screaming like the Joker when the Jets came back from a 13-point deficit with under two minutes left in the game. Sports and grindcore are really the only two things that can bring out the animal in me anymore. Everything else is just a blank slate of dissociation. Even during sex I’m just staring off into the distance thinking about all the poor decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Here’s to an exciting Week 3!

Why the hype?
Like I said, grindcore is one of the few things that can make me feel alive, and boy howdy, does Shitstormtrooper do the trick. Every song is a whirling dervish of powerviolence, grind, riffs and Jen’s powerful yet easy-to-understand-what-they-are-saying vocal skills. Something about this band just really reminds me of that Relapse compilation This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1, which was one of the most pivotal albums of my youth. I just really pick up Spoonful of Vicodin and Shitstorm vibes (no pun intended)… Wait, I’m not sure that’s really a pun, it’s just that both bands have the word ‘Shitstorm’ in their title. (God, I am so dead inside.)

Latest Release?
Gulf Coast Grindviolence, self-released. This record really has everything: capital “R” riffs, blasts, grooves, socio-political commentary and that weird little funky intro of “DJ Muggs, Please Remix this Song”. In fact, if this record was anymore complete it would be the Jets’ Garret Wilson. HE HAD EIGHT CATCHES FOR A HUNDRED AND TWO YARDS SUNDAY! (Please help, I am so alone.)