Track Premiere: Cryptic Brood – “Caustic Fetid Vomit”

Cryptic Brood cover

Back in 2013, German death metal hellspawn Cryptic Brood released their first demo. Across the decade since, the band has unleashed a splatter of splits with the likes of Anatomia and Night Hag. But I first heard them when I was floored by their 2019 LP, Outcome of Obnoxious Science. Their approach to death metal reeks of old school rawness and realness. Now they’re back with a new 7″ record, so we put on our biohazard suits to arrange this infectious stream of the title track. “Caustic Fetid Vomit” releases officially on September 30th as a five label collaboration between Bitter Loss Records, Burning Coffin Records, Lycanthropic Chants, Necrolatry Records, and Rotted Life Records.

From drummer Steffen Brandes’ first cymbal strikes, “Caustic Fetid Vomit” is a feral, filthy death metal romp. The band-directed music video employs imagery that would fit into a ’70s occult flick like The Devil’s Rain. Just picture it helmed by gore visionary Olaf Ittenbach, featuring stabbings and a caved-in skull. Musically, Cryptic Brood bring an unhinged groove to Michael Lehner’s murky riffs. Tempos shapeshift at the command of a tortured scream. The mixing and mastering by Marco Brinkmann features Dennis Butzke’s bass tone and nails the unwashed aura of death metal’s golden age. If you love early ’90s metal ov death that feels like it was raised on human flesh in an unlit cellar, then you need to check out Cryptic Brood’s whole discography. But today, start with “Caustic Fetid Vomit.” Blessed be the sick.

Test your intestinal fortitude and press play below.

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