Track Premiere: Vånda – ‘Omnis Hypocrita’

There should be more death metal about killing God. As such, we’re going to lead with a quote about “Omnis Hypocrita,” the new song from Swedish death metal crew Vånda:

“The song is about a murder I read about that happened in France a couple of years ago. A priest was murdered by a young man he’d sexually assaulted. He suffocated the priest by forcing a crucifix down his throat. Whether it’s true or not, I can’t say.”

These words from frontman C. Runsvik would no doubt make Glenn Benton very happy, but they also set the tone for “Omnis Hypocrita” (“Every Hypocrite” when translated to English from Latin). Selected from Vånda’s upcoming Covenant of Death debut, “Omnis Hypocrita” is a certified banger that ranges from fast as fuck to neck-snappingly groovy. Splicing their HM-2 death with DNA from black and thrash metal, “Omnis Hypocrita” is a welcome respite from the Dismember clones that usually spring to mind when one hears “Swedish death metal.”

Check the song out below. Covenant of Death is out September 30th.