Video Premiere: Necrosexual – ‘Dead Sexy’

All you sexual deviants prepare, for the Necrosexual has returned with a new slice of sexual terror via the music video for “Dead Sexy.” As if the GRIM-1’s frozen black metal-isms and need for speed aren’t enough for us, Necrosexual’s new video is a half-animated, half-performance visual.

The animations by Zak Irwin give “Dead Sexy” a decidedly vintage feel (think He-Man cartoons), which is matched by the visual effects applied to the live footage of Necrosexual performing at Philly staple venues Silk City and Century.

“‘Dead Sexy’ is a song about romance. It’s the story of a lustful corpse yearning for a final caress from beyond the grave. And some day, that corpse will be you and me!

“The audio/visual representation of ‘Dead Sexy’ captures the manic energy of our live extravaganza, with lewd cartoon animations interspersed, and enough jump cuts to give a cadaver heart palpitations. This track infuses our love of classic speed metal riffage with the Necrosexual recipe for disaster: turbocharged drums beats lead the charge, frosty bass lines battle against hot rocking guitar leads, and high pitched shrieks from hell narrate this tale of temptation.

“It’s been over a decade of Necrosexual Encounters. ‘Dead Sexy’ is the perfect work of low-budget art to reflect on 11 years of misadventures.”

We’ll drink to that. Check out “Dead Sexy” below and grab a digital or physical version of Seeds of Seduction via Bandcamp.