Track Premiere: Soul Dissolution – “SORA III”

Belgium’s Soul Dissolution could be considered travelers. After traversing the furious storms and fires of black metal, the band has come out the other side and seeks a reflective path on their latest album SORA. The album’s central theme, informing both the music and the lyrics, focuses on the sky and the various ways it inspires and informs our experience. Decibel is pleased to present the soaring “SORA III.”

According to the band:

“In an album about the sky and its many facets, this song is about twilight, the melancholy of the setting sun. It is the most epic song on this album, and in a way, also the oldest; while all the other four songs have been rewritten several times as the years went by, “SORA III” has been altered the least, and still resembles its original draft version from 2013. As such, it remains the most faithful representation of the original concept of this album, as it was envisioned during the band’s early days.”

SORA comes out on September 30 via Viridian Flame Records. Check out “SORA III” below: