Video Premiere: Devil’s Witches – “Blood of the Witch”

Devil's Witches

Back in 2017, doom rockers Devil’s Witches released their debut album Velvet Magic. Over the next four years they released a deluge of psychedelic scuzz anthems with riffs that create portals back to 1972. On October 28th they release their next LP In All Her Forms with Majestic Mountain Records. With a heady concept and an intriguing sense of grandeur, the four-part double-vinyl release is the band’s most ambitious album to date. Today Decibel Magazine unveils the last song in the album’s opening section, the surprisingly low-key acoustic track, “Blood of the Witch.”

If you’re expecting the thick fuzzy tone of “Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures,” prepare for the pensive side of Devil’s Witches. “Blood of the Witch” feels like an acid rock daydream; a haze of occult wordplay accompanied by retro cinematic footage. The mildly NSFW video unfolds as a montage of violence against women. Thematically, it seems to hauntingly explore misogynistic persecution by way of fringe pop culture. The lyrics include spellcasting instructions while focusing on themes of transformation, foreshadowing the chapter change to come.

“”Blood of the Witch” directly follows on from the previous single(s) “L’image/Successive Slidings of Pleasure,”” the band shares. “It is the conclusion of the “Maiden” quarter of the album and serves as part of a dissolve into the “Mistress” section. Lyrically, the track deals with many multi-layered elements that interlock with each other under a very literal expressive symbol. It is important for the track to be experienced “as is,” without any commentary from myself.”

“Musically,” the band continues, “it is antithetical to the preceding tracks with its focus on dark acoustic tones, ethereal vocals and instrumentation. In an ideal world, the album would be experienced as a whole without any singles. But the compromise is at least the initial section of the quadrant can be experienced as intended prior to the full release.”

Soak your fist with the blood of the witch and press play below.

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