Pre-Order RIPPED TO SHREDS’ New LP ‘劇變’ (‘Jubian’) on Decibel’s Exclusive Vinyl Color RIGHT NOW!

International death metal battalion Ripped to Shreds have hacked together a gnashing new LP 劇變 (Jubian), and Decibel is thrilled to pieces to have assembled our own exclusive edition on Murky Swamp Green Vinyl—limited to just 200 copies!

Chock full of scathing vocals, chainsaw guitars, and a brand new chapter of the ongoing “Sun Moon Holy Cult” saga, 劇變 (Jubian) showcases Ripped To Shreds’ signature brutal-yet-melodic style at full chisel. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist/vocalist Andrew Lee in his home studio and once again features monumental cover art from Chinese artist Guang Yang, who also painted the cover of 2020’s 亂 (Luan)—one of Decibel’s Top 40 Albums the Year!

Heed your compulsion to make this album your conquest, pre-order it now!