Blast Worship: Disease

Where they from?
Seattle, Washington. This is the second week in a row I’ve written about a band from Rain City and I have yet to mention the Seahawks. That’s probably because they are one of the few teams this year who will suck more than my beloved Jets. Oh well, at least Seattle fans can comfort themselves with the fact that their last Super Bowl championship came this millennium.

Why the hype?
I thought I had previously written about these guys, but after a quick tour down Blast Worship memory lane, I was surprised to see I hadn’t. It’s a surprise because this band ABSOLUTELY RIPS. Disease fits in very comfortably with this new wave of what I’m calling hypergoreblast bands (really hoping that phrase will catch on but instinctively knowing it won’t). Anyone who enjoys such radio-friendly groups as Sulfuric Cautery, Human Effluence and First Days of Humanity can def get down with Disease (that’s a Phish song, isn’t it?) However among their HGB peers, Disease have a proclivity for RIFFS. Don’t believe me? Check out their split with Sulfuric Cautery and try not to tap your toes to “Get Off By Sawed Off.” GO AHEAD, I FUCKING DARE YOU!

Latest Release?
Split with Effluvia. The RIFFS that Disease play on this EP are so incredibly RIFFY that I was willing to review this album despite the fact that it was only available on their bandcamp as one long song. That’s easily one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to grindcore, that and the whole ‘not wearing deodorant’ thing. I don’t know where this Seattle band stands in that department but I do know that continue to RIFF at a very high level and would look forward to a full-length in the near future.