Video Premiere: Death Scythe – “Hollow Darkness”

Death Scythe band photo

Formed in Yucatán back in 2003, Mexican melodeath reapers Death Scythe have harnessed their pleasure-killing power for almost two decades. However, that duration does include a hiatus of nearly ten years. After the band’s return they released Descending into Xibalba in 2020. A short two years later, they return with a re-recording of their debut record. Killing for Pleasure Forever revives old songs with a freshly sharpened blade and a splash of new blood. Today Decibel Magazine presents the new music video for “Hollow Darkness” a few weeks before the album’s release on August 26th.

The video only grants the listener a couple brief seconds of sanctuary before Death Scythe swing their lethal riffs. Founding vocalist Gerardo Mendoza prowls anonymous ruins with his aggressive delivery. Amid eerie imagery of black veils and macabre rituals, he screams “Let’s go” to keep the momentum motoring. Once drummer Eduardo Pérez provides the blistering pace the whole band speeds into the darkness together. But the riffs from guitarist Roberto Cevera steal the show from the song’s first note. The song feels like an epic with its grandiose atmosphere and memorable guitar harmonies. But it clocks in at under four and a half minutes, enrapturing listeners with nimble-fingered fretwork and a breathless propulsion. Like the melodeath greats of the mid to late ’90s, Death Scythe appreciate the power of a solid hook. With the help of music video director Humbersaw, they reanimated this killer song with the slick production and visual accompaniment it deserves.

Enter the ruins with Death Scythe and press play below.

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