Blast Worship: Endorphins Lost

Where they from? Seattle, Washington.
This is the one time of year I take a few weeks off from sports. The Mets are usually out of it by now (though not this year) and the NFL season is still a very long month away, so I usually relax and attempt to read a book or rewatch The Sopranos. I won’t tell you which I’ve decided upon this year but I will say that Big Pussy’s death scene is nothing short of Shakespearian.

Why the hype?
I remember seeing Endorphins Lost in North Carolina back in the Spring of 2016 and just being totally blown away. You know a grind band is good when I’m not swiping through Tinder during their whole set. The energy they displayed that magical night on the eve of the great downfall of this country translated into some stellar albums, notably their debut full-length later that year Choose Your Way. A lot of bands these days throw around the moniker “grindviolence” without backing up the necessity to so blatantly split hairs, but not these guys. They combine the intentional sloppiness of powerviolence and fast hardcore but with the precision and musicianship of trve grinders. Think if the No/Mas boys squatted in a punk house in Oakland for two weeks.

Latest release?
Head Sick. Like I said, this band always blended punk and metal elements really well, but I really like that they leaned quite heavily onto the punk side for this EP. That’s what EP’s are for, experimenting! And the results are pretty spectacular, drawing comparisons in my mind to that latest Triac record, which, to me, thus far is the powerviolence AOTY. Also, there’s a Cryptic Slaughter cover here. I don’t listen to that band, but even I got excited by that shit. Man, I am such a fucking poser.