Track Premiere: deathCAVE Covers “Leash” by His Hero Is Gone

When someone says, “Wow, that sounds like modern crust!” what they’re really saying is, “Wow, that sounds like His Hero Is Gone!” The Memphis-based quintet was hugely influential on the punk and hardcore scene in the late 90s and early 2000s, crafting an aggressive, angry and punishing sound that would be emulated across the country (including bands from my home state of Connecticut, like Diallo, Social War and many others). Arriving at the pinnacle of the post-Cold War “End of History,” the band’s message and attitude suggested that all was not well, that there was a brewing anguish and rage simmering beneath the surface. Even if you don’t share the particulars of their critique, the years since their 1999 split have only vindicated the core message and made their legacy even more profound.

Satanik Royalty Records and 14 contributing bands agree, assembling the compilation, Monuments To Arson: A Tribute To His Hero Is Gone. And Decibel is pleased to bring you the track from deathCAVE, a cover of “Leash” from the 1996 album, Fifteen Counts of Arson.

The proceeds from the compilation are going to a good cause as well, the Fairbanks Native Association. According to the label’s owner (and deathCAVE bassist) Freiburger:

“When I created the label I knew I wanted to do albums where I would be donating all the proceeds to charities that are important to me! As an Alaskan native who grew up seeing the damage of alcohol and drug abuse within indigenous communities and within my own family it seemed like a good place to start.”

He goes in to talk about the band’s choice to cover “Leash” and what His Hero Is Gone means to him”

“His Hero Is Gone seemed like a no-brainer when it came time to choose the first band to cover. The messages delivered in their lyrics, the raw and heavy power of their riffs and just the approach to underground music can’t be matched — even all these years later. “Leash” is the song that deathCAVE covered and that was my choice. Fifteen Counts of Arson was the first His Hero Is Gone album I got in high school and those songs hit a little harder than the other ones. “Leash” was just the first to come to mind off the album because I love how it changes the feel halfway through, and I felt deathCAVE could have fun with this song!!!”

I’m a little partial to “Carry On” myself, but “Leash” is a perfectly good choice as well.

The compilation comes out on September 30. Check out the song below: