Video Premiere: Dreadnought – “Gears of Violent Endurance”

Dreadnought’s songs seem to constantly be searching for moments of towering beauty and profoundly human catharsis. The Colorado band has spent the past decade building out a musical universe that allows them to find those moments on their own terms, borrowing from the traditions of folk music, jazz, and contemporary classical to augment their sturdy post-metal backbone. On The Endless, Dreadnought’s fifth LP (and second since joining the Profound Lore roster), they find themselves asking the big questions — namely, whether humans are doomed to repeat our worst failures or if we can transcend them for the good of the species and the planet. They don’t have the answers, but their explorations yield some of the most stunning music they’ve made yet.

“Gears of Violent Endurance” is an obvious standout from The Endless, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the song and its studio-shot video. After a blistering opening section that’s about as close as Dreadnought gets to playing black metal, the song settles into a lower-key groove that the band systematically chip away at, eventually deconstructing it all the way down to an a cappella duet between guitarist/vocalist Kelly Schilling and keyboardist/vocalist Lauren Vieira. You can check out the “Gears of Violent Endurance” video and read a statement about the song from Schilling below:

“’Gears of Violent Endurance’ is a reflection on the continual cycle of violence throughout the ages. Despite our ability to do better, the human ego continues to entangle us in war and atrocities worldwide. We hope to elevate the idea that kindness is the key to a better life and the sustainability of our world.”

Pre-order The Endless, out 8/26 via Profound Lore here.