Track Premiere: Bovice — “Sluggo Season”

Coming at you with an early Candiria-meets-Merauder-type vibe, Bovice is here to make that head bounce even as they go to your body with double fistfuls of riffs.

Check out the aptly-titled uber-brutal first single “Sluggo Season” from the upcoming debut full-length Dreaming of Paradise out September 23 via Upstate Records!

“‘Sluggo Season’ is about the anger and hate that came from years of being hurt by someone I trusted growing up,” vocalist Julian Cortez tells Decibel. “The song is from the perspective of Bovice — the demon on my shoulder — wanting to act upon the hate I keep inside towards that person.There’s an obvious ode to Brand Nubian in this song because who doesn’t like some good old classic hip hop?”