Full Album Stream: Behold! The Monolith – ‘From the Fathomless Deep’

It’s been a minute—OK, seven years—since Los Angeles doomlords Behold! The Monolith poisoned our ears with new material. It’s safe to say that both the band and the world have changed significantly in that time. And, you know, for a doom band it’s all for the better, so to speak, because shit hasn’t exactly gotten better in the world between albums. So, yeah, the misery writes itself. On the band side, though, B!TM went from a four piece back to a power trio, with Matt Price (guitar) and Chase Manhattan (drums) adding Menno Verbaten (bass/vocals) to the mix for album number four, From the Fathomless Deep.

The new album, featured in all its glory here for your amusement, is a profoundly nuanced six-track opus that goes beyond rote doom maneuvers and veers into more melodic and progressive territory when necessary. Musically, From the Fathomless Deep follows its title into a murky, darkened world obscured by lack of light. Whether or not it’s a full-on  concept album, the oceanic feel reverberates across the epic-length tracks. After a seven-year absence, it’s an impressive and compelling reawakening of the band. 

From the Fathomless Deep is set for release on July 15 via Ripple Music and will be available on vinyl (two variants), CD and digitally. You can place your preorder here.

Here’s what Matt had to say about the new full-length:

“It took us a bit, but as soon as Menno joined the band and we returned to a being a three-piece things really started back up creatively. The power trio format just feels best with Behold! The Monolith. ‘Crown’ was the only song we pretty much musically had finished, and the rest came together pretty quickly!”