Video Premiere: Cyborg Octopus – “Seizure of Character”

Cyborg Octopus

To give you a sneak peek of their latest release, we scored the latest video from Cyborg Octopus, “Seizure of Character.” Check it out right here.

“’Seizure of Character’ is a fast-paced, melody-driven song with a big ol’ climax,” the band say. “We wanted to release “Seizure” first because it sets a great tone for what “Between the Light and Air” is—increasingly serious and aggressive while maintaining our signature wacky vibes. Lyrically, the song is based on a traumatic brain injury that our saxophone player Patrick suffered while he was asleep, resulting in memory loss, personality changes, fear of sleep, and an existential crisis. Who are you if you do not remember who you are?”

“Musically, we wanted to be focused and unapologetic,” they add regarding the album. “The writing process was very different from our first album. Some of the songs on the album, like our single ‘Seizure of Character,’ were originally intended for our first album but have received so many rewrites they are almost unrecognizable. We worked on these songs until we felt they were ‘just right,’ and we are so proud to share them.

The new Cyborg Octopus record is out on the band’s forthcoming August 26 release, Between the Light and Air. Follow the band here.