Video Premiere: Funeral Chic – “Roman Candle”

Funeral Chic

We’re almost to the weekend, but not quite, so to help you through to the end of the week, we present the new Funeral Chic video, a real ripper, featuring puppets. You’re welcome.

The song, “Roman Candle,” is from the title track forthcoming Funeral Chic album, Roman Candle, out July 29 via Prosthetic. The track is groovy, infectious and heavy as hell, and the video is icing on the cake. The North Carolina band bring all their crusty, blackened, doomy ferociousness here, an exciting preview of the full record.

“We had so much fun writing and recording this song, and we definitely wanted a music video to match that energy,” the band explain. “We assembled the puppets and did all the puppeteering ourselves so we could live out our crackhead Jim Henson fantasy. Arts and crafts is the punkest shit you can do nowadays.”

Get the album here. 

Photo courtesy of Samantha Presta