Track Premiere: Funeral Chic – ‘Jump’

The blackened hardcore and crust scenes are thriving right now, and Funeral Chic are no exception to that rule. The North Carolinians build their foundation on blackened crust and enhance it by injecting a healthy dose of dirty rock ‘n’ roll and hardcore into the mix. Put simply, they’re a match made in Heaven—Hell, more likely—for fans of Midnight, labelmates Wolf King and even crust godfathers Amebix. Their latest offering, “Jump,” fuses faster, punky sections with foot-stomping mosh part; the whole song is over in less than 90 seconds, but Funeral Chic don’t fuck around, slicing all fat from the already-lean track.

“The song is about living in the fucking meat grinder of society,” Funeral Chic say. “Working yourself to death for scraps and coping with the gravity of despair. Drowning yourself in whatever self-destructive shit you have to do to forget about the truth that you know deep down: that survival is just another form of suicide.”

On that positive note, this is “Jump.” Funeral Chic’s new album, Superstition, is available November 16 on Prosthetic.