Track Premiere: The Bearer – “Let It Burn”

Mastodon’s Brann Dailor, Zoetrope’s Barry Stern,  Exciter’s Dan Beehler, Code Orange’s Jami Morgan: all drummers who also handle(d) lead vocals. Not an easy task, especially when the BPMs get frantic. The Bearer‘s drummer, Colton Siegmund, can relate. He’s the voice of this metallic hardcore trio from Austin, TX—Michael Delaney (guitar), Jeffrey Blum (bass), Colton Siegmund (drums/vocals)—a band that pushes his drum and vocal chops equally with its frisky tempos and aggressive attack. Dude handles both with aplomb on new track, “Let it Burn,” from the Bearer’s upcoming full-length, Chained to a Tree.

Chained to a Tree will be the Bearer’s full-length debut, after releasing a few previous EPs. It was engineered and mixed by Andrew Hernandez (Mammoth Grinder, This Will Destroy You) and is set for release on July 1 via Silent Pendulum Records. It’ll be available in a couple of different limited edition vinyl variants, as well as digitally, and you can make your preorder here.

Here’s what Siegmund had to say about the new track:

“‘Let It Burn’ details my thoughts of the church after spending five years of my life in it, constantly being taken advantage of and eventually abandoned. I was at one point a youth leader, a worship leader and a sound tech, all while not being compensated. When I let it be known that I could no longer spend my time doing so for free, I was offered an unpaid internship. I left the church that day and none of the leaders ever reached out to or spoke to me again. This is just one example of a time when organized religion hurt me and this song is me letting that part of my life burn.”