Blast Worship: Triac

Where they from? Baltimore, Maryland.
A few years back, I finally watched the first season of HBO’s critically acclaimed The Wire and it was pretty excellent. The unfortunate thing is that due to the premise of the show being centered around phone-taps and other War on Terror-era technology, it did feel a little dated. But isn’t that so emblematic of the city in which it takes place? Baltimore as a whole has a lot of substance but it’s just that you have to dig through several crab-legged layers of shittiness and antiquity to get to it.

Why the hype?
People like to throw around the term ‘Grindviolence’ a ton nowadays, but the Triac boys have long perfected that formula for over a decade at this point. They utilize all the tools and rudiments traditionally associated with powerviolence and fast hardcore but the suffocating blast worship of drummer Jake Cregger thoroughly keeps the tempo in the red, and the overall effect of the music is more similar to Rotten Sound than it is Weekend Nachos. Basically what I’m trying to say is, THESE FUCKERS MAY BE PUNK BUT THEY KNOW HOW TO BLAST! 

Latest Release?
Pure Joy – Numb Grief-stricken Animals out now on RSRecords. Listening to this record I realize the best way to describe this band is if Unsane decided to interject every song with plentiful and eviscerating blast beats. The background of the music is pure sardonic noise/grunge but once again Jake’s drumming just decimates everything within five hundred feet of this thing. Hey, maybe if I mention his name one more time he’ll ass me on Linkedin. You hear that, Jake? WHY WONT YOU ACCEPT MY FRIEND REQUEST?