Full Album Stream: Matsunaga Was Right – “Born in Wire”

Decibel last checked in with deathmatch wrestling-obsessed grindcore trio Matsunaga Was Right in August for the release of their album Kings of the Deathmatch. The group stayed busy in the year following the album’s release and are back with a new album, titled Born in Wire, due out June 3.

Generally, Matsunaga Was Right take an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to songwriting on Born in Wire. Song lengths tend to be on the shorter side compared to Kings of the Deathmatch, but they still feature the same insane drum machine programming and ripping guitars. Vocals range from shrieky to Spazz-esque, with plenty of space devoted to samples. In keeping with their hardcore wrestling theme, song titles on Born in Wire pay tribute to and poke fun at various wrestlers, some obscure and some more well known. The cover art features a photo of Terry Funk, godfather of modern hardcore and deathmatch wrestling, wrapped in barbed wire.

Matsunaga Was Right will release Born in Wire on June 3 via HPGD, but Decibel is streaming the album now.