Track Premiere: Molder – ‘Decomposed Embryos’

Midwest death metal practitioners Molder are prepared to release their second full-length, Engrossed in Decay, later this summer. The album is a slab of crude, chugging death metal that’s sure to make any primitive’s heart swell with joy that should make death metal fans very happy.

There’s no need to wait until July to hear a new track from the album—we’ve got you covered with “Decaying Embryos,” the second single from Engrossed in Decay. After a sample from a news story on fetal remains, Molder launch straight into four minutes of thick, mid-paced death metal.

It turns out that the lyrics for “Decomposed Embryos” aren’t exactly based in gory fantasy either.

“‘Decomposed Embryos’ is about Dr. Ulrich Kloper, a Midwestern abortionist accused of preserving well over 2,000 fetal remains,” Molder tell Decibel. “Shortly after his death, the remains were discovered inside the garage of his rural home in Will County, Illinois. 165 additional remains were later found located in the trunk of his vehicle.

“We chose ‘Decomposed Embryos’ as a single for the simple fact that it’s straight to the point. It definitely stands out on the record as our “less is more” track. Fixating less on technical precision and overwhelming flashiness, and more on brutality, wrecking your neck and quenching your thirst for gore.”

With that imagery in mind, check out “Decomposed Embryos” below. Engrossed in Decay is out July 15 via Prosthetic.