Track Premiere: Nubivagant – ‘Into Eternal Night’


Italy’s Nubivagant aren’t a black metal norm. Cut from the same ceremonial robes as Primordial, Ereb Altor, and Darkest Era, the single-manned outfit–helmed by Omega of Chaos Invocation, Darvaza and Fides Inversa fame–parlays a black metal backdrop against powerfully-clean (not power metal) vocals. Nubivagant got their start with the Roaring Eye (2020) full-length (streaming HERE), and have since rolled into infamy with their potent, shadowy blend. Now, Omega has returned, this time with a level-up on new full-length The Wheel and the Universe, again coming out via Germany’s Amor Fati.

The first track off The Wheel and the Universe is called “Into Eternal Night,” and it’s a rolling, hypnotic, solemn thrust. Omega handles all instruments, including the vocals, which have a spiritual cousin in A.A. Nemtheanga (Primordial), where impassioned yet resolute vociferations are prime. Musically, Nubivagant keep the tempi high-forward. This gives “Into Eternal Night” lift, as if it’s floating above the cemetery, angry, despondent yet willing to haunt for eternity.

Says Omega: “Subconscious is scary sometimes; it gives birth to dark dreams and visions. I was dreaming about the night sky, black holes and the time-consuming darkness. The black void, where The Wheel And The Universe took its form and shape. This new album is surely slower, less aggressive and more atmospheric than Roaring Eye, but it comes from the same struggle: watching within ourselves towards the unknown.”

Delve deep into Nubivagant’s inward haunt on “Into Eternal Night.”

** Nubivagant’s new album, The Wheel and the Universe, is out June 21st on Germany-based indie Amor Fati. Pre-orders for LP and CD are not yet live but keep watching this link (HERE) for updates.