Video Premiere: Skullshitter – ‘Morbid Tomb’

Elevator pitch: Terrorizer and Autopsy take some sketchy acid and consummate their union, conceiving a spun-out, death metal-loving spawn.

That spawn is Skullshitter, New York City’s premier psychedelic death/doom-grind trio. Their new full-length, Goat Claw, is out now, expounding on the joys of Satan, hallucinogens and rock ‘n’ roll. The drug-fueled fantasy continues with the video for “Morbid Tomb,” which features a combination of live performance and stock footage, edited together in a way that feels like watching a VHS tape in a not-so-sober state of being.

The influence from Autopsy is heard loud and clear on “Morbid Tomb,” which adds an element of lurching death/doom to the otherwise crusty grindcore on display. You can watch the video below and score a copy of the album now via Nerve Altar.