Video Premiere: Grave Infestation – “Conquest of Pestilence”

Grim reaper and zombies and gore, oh my! Vancouver, BC’s Grave Infestation hit the death metal trifecta with their new video for the track “Conquest of Pestilence,” though we’re not really sure if pestilence is actually conquered in the video. Kind of hard to tell with all the zombies and gore and the grim reaper riding around on a sweet chopper. Mostly it’s just a helluva lot of fun set to some OSDM heaviness.

The track is drawn (and quartered) from the quartet’s full-length debut for Invictus Productions titled Persecution of the Living. Grave Infestation—AS (drums), TS (bass), BC (guitar), GC (guitar/vocals)—recently had their first 2018 demo/EP, Infesticide, reissued through through Invictus, as well, but that was recorded before they were a quartet. The new album features the full might of the expanded lineup and will be available on vinyl (two variants) and digitally on June 3. Preorders are available from the band here, and the label here.

Here’s what drummer AS had to say about the making of the video:

“While we couldn’t play live over the past couple years, I thought this was a good time to make a music video and produce it ourselves. We came up with a concept and had a very clear vision based on several references and a loose storyline that we developed. We reached out to friends with skills in special effects, access to corpses, and even spaces to film. Neptoon Records let us use their dingy basement to film, complete with hazards, spiders and rusty nails all over the floor. Our friend Jackie West handled makeup and disgusting effects, and the reaper was played by our friend Corpse, who also brought his motorcycle for the video. Once we had the concept sorted, we reached out to our friend Max Montesi to do the filming and directing, and he killed it.”