Full-Album Stream: Coffin Nail – ‘Years of Lead’

Just over a year after 2021’s ripping Witchfurnace, Floridian blackened deathgrind solo outfit Coffin Nail returns with yet another foray into the darkest depths of violence and pure fucking hatred. Years of Lead, main musician Vok’s (with the helpful hand of a certain Andrew Lee on “STRATEGIC NUCLEAR ASSAULT”) third full-length album in as many years, shows this project only becoming angrier and more volatile, melding hardcore’s brawn with death metal’s weight and grindcore’s unholy spasms–a formula with which Vok has tirelessly tinkered across the band’s ever-increasing discography. Hateful and filled with a reckless disregard for all life, Years of Lead is Coffin Nail’s most extreme and OUGH-filled outing, showing this project’s quick evolution into something truly wicked and impenetrable, so much so that it can only be summed up in the immortal words of Sadistik Exekution’s Rok: FUKK.

Years of Lead releases independently on April 1.