Video Premiere: WOORMS – ‘Quiet As Isaac’

Courtesy of WOORMS

WOORMS present gnarled anthems thunder with elements of dirge, grit, groove and bellowing amplification attributed to masters of the realms of noise rock, sludge, and psychedelic metal scenes, citing evident influence from the works of the Melvins, -16-, Unsane, Today Is the Day, Buzzov*en, Boris, and the like.

This afternoon, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based trio gives us a teaser for their third LP, Fatalismo — available this spring via SuperNova Records, the label operated by Today Is the Day’s Steve Austin — with the video for “Quiet As Isaac.”

“We traveled from the Gulf of Mexico to the edge of Canada to make this record and there was no way we were going to not capture that on film,” says WOORMS frontman Joey Carbo. “So, we brought a friend who is an A/V guy over from Istanbul and he followed us around with a few cameras. We had demoed this record, and we’d never seen ‘Quiet As Isaac’ as a single until the first time we heard it in Steve’s control room. It had become really powerful and dynamic, and we decided then that it would be.”


Fatalismo will see release this May through SuperNova Records. Pre-order the album here.