Track Premiere: Molten Chains – “Communion”



After we interviewed Austrian then-duo Molten Chains last year we incorrectly assumed that the band was done surprising us. Sure, Molten Chains would, we hoped, release new material eventually, but the initial shock of their “intoxicating[ly] novel” sound was behind us. 

Then last month those Viennese summoners of heretical heavy metal reappeared from the ether with “Black Mantle,” the first single from Orisons of Vengeance, their forthcoming third album, according to their Bandcamp. A brawny, dramatic, fast and incredibly agile half-blackened speed metal, half-Teutonic thrash full-on audacious banger,  and produced to perfection, “Black Mantle” demonstrated just how much we had underestimated Molten Chains.


The band had also apparently gained another player, too. One Graf Gyula, a second guitarist to founding member/guitarist/vocalist Deathromancer. Together these two six string sorcerers draw out each other’s strongest powers. Meanwhile, Molten Chains’ drummer Michi Von Rosenkranz fills the pockets to bulging with his explosive practical magick. 

Today, it is our pleasure to present the latest single leaked from Orisons of Vengeance. Says Deathromaner, “We chose ‘Communion’ as our second single because of the dynamic nature of the song which is highlighted by a dramatic shift that appears midway through the track. The twisted and unpredictable force of this song is a constant throughout all the songs on the album, albeit, never so in your face as it is here. It lures the listener into the comfort of the predictable verse-chorus structure only to lead them down a spiral (or, to an altar) of madness. The awe inspiring cruelness we inflict onto one another is surpassed only by the harrowing knowledge of nature’s complete and utter indifference to our societal structures and the human race at large.”


Out May 6 on CD from Alone Records, Orisons of Vengeance features 6 tracks of Molten Chains relentless and singular heavy metal—not to be missed!