Track Premiere: Golgothan Remains – ‘Forgotten Lores of Hatred And Bloodshed’

Adorned in Ruin, the second full-length from Australian outfit Golgothan Remains, is a thing of evil. On the surface, the New South Wales quartet share similarities to the likes of Incantation and Cruciamentum, but a deeper investigation reveals a more twisted approach to songwriting. On “Forgotten Lores of Hatred and Bloodshed,” the sixth track from Adorned in Ruin, Golgothan Remains establish a bleak landscape painted by lurching riffs and a general sense of gloom.

“A dark chant of harrowing despair, loathing and suffering through the ages of time, fueled by the deeply rooted corruption and dogmatic beliefs brought upon mankind by religion is at the epicenter of Golgothan Remains’ fourth chapter of their second voyage into death metal madness, Adorned in Ruin,” Gologthan Remains tell Decibel. “A morbid tale of mankind’s obliviousness to its peers and the blinded adoration of woeful deities created in mystery aeons ago, one embarks on a journey of a blood-soaked and morose past.

“Set to be released on 1 April 2022, the song gives the listener another peek into the dark realm that is the sequence to Golgothan Remains’ debut Perverse Offerings to the Void from 2018. ‘Forgotten Lores of Hatred and Bloodshed’ is the perfect successor to further familiarize the masses with their musical endeavors. Adorned with obscurity, dread and gloom, the album is set to encompass its audiences with violence, fright and darkness.”

Listen to “Forgotten Lores” below. Adorned in Ruin is available via Brilliant Emperor in Australia and Sentient Ruin in the rest of the world.