Demo:listen: Let Them Die

Scattered about various parts of Florida, the anonymous absolute maniacs behind Let Them Die came together to record a sonically massive and highly volatile 5-song demo that’s minutes away from turning your brain into some goopy shit slurping around between your ears. All along, the band’s vocalist has been keeping us up-to-date and, finally, we can unleash this beast upon the masses. Trust me, you don’t wanna be left alone with this thing for too long. Fortunately we’re trained professionals here at Demo:listen and are well-practiced in handling demos of this intensity. That being said, this one is vicious and deadly heavy. Proceed with utter abandon or turn back now. 

According to one of the members of Let Them Die, “We want to keep […] sort of anonymous and keep our other projects separate but I will say that [we share] members [with] Fleshdriver, Bodybox, and Culture Killer.” 

They go on to say, “We were working on a Swedish death metal project and naturally got very drunk in the studio. We took a short break and were just listening to some stuff on Spotify then we all looked at each other and said “fuck it let’s do something else”. 10 minutes later we were working on the first 2 songs. The only remnants of that Swedish death metal project is the HM-2. We’ve all played in tons of bands, some more serious than others and just wanted to do something that WE wanted to do and make music that we thought was badass instead of caring if anyone else would like it.” 

When it came to naming their new spur-of-the-inspired-moment outfit, they found they already had one in waiting. According to the band, “Let Them Die was originally a name we were using for a hardcore/punk project but when we ended up steering in this direction with this EP we said ‘Wow this fits so much better.’ The name represents the message of this band which is to not really give a fuck about anything. We want to do things on our own time and terms.” 

Looking back on these overtly hostile two years, Let Them Die admit, “The pandemic messed with the time frame in which we wanted to release this. We made time to get together when we could or when it felt right and finally after almost 2 years, here we are.” 

Asked to describe their lyrical content, Let Them Die’s lyricist says, “Depraved is the best word for them, hands down. When [the lyrics] came to me with this project I had just recently finished writing lyrics for my other band. Those lyrics have more social and political themes, so when I started writing for LTD I wanted to steer in the complete opposite direction. I wanted the lyrics to be as ridiculous as possible and not put much thought into them. The goal was to write weird or scary shit that might make you feel as uncomfortable as the music itself does. For example ‘House of God’ is about that Priest back in 2020 who got caught having a threesome with dominatrices on his church altar and how people are only themselves when they think they’re alone. The idea for ‘Jesus, The Freak’ is just a twisted take on the nativity story. If a god impregnated someone would it look human? The whole song is about everyone waiting by the manger waiting for Jesus to be born only to find out it’s a complete abomination and he ends up eating everyone in Bethlehem. Just low effort fun like B-rated horror movie.” 

Track for track, pound for pound, Let Them Die’s demo crushes. One of its strongest points is it production. According to the band, “The whole EP was produced and Engineered by Hunter Young at The Swamp Sound then Mixed and Mastered by both Hunter and Brandon Lopez who is also a part of The Swamp Sound. We used a 6505, Lone Wolf Left Hand Wrath deluxe fucking DIMED, and a Mesa cab. Guitar was a baritone tuned up to C standard to create more tension.”

Meanwhile these guys are chillin on a veritable nuke of a demo. “As for a physical release we don’t have immediate plans,” they say. “Since recording we’ve just been dialing in our live performance and sound. We want to make it an experience. We all have jobs that limit our free time but certainly plan on dropping more music and playing some sick shows.”

Respect to the modest approach, but this needs demo demands is simply too heavy to exist without some kind of physical incarnation anchoring it into the physical world. Until then, these tracks are physical enough. 

Get into Let Them Die.