Video Premiere: Marthe – ‘Sisters of Darkness’


Italian one-woman act Marthe is unveiling her gloomy, atmospheric, hypnotic music video for the song “Sisters of Darkness,” the title track of her debut demo out through Caligari Records.

Marthe, aka Marzia by daylight, has crafted a black metal-tinged doom epic and video anthem for all darkness, fire, and ice.

“The video concept is arranged around the metaphor of inner female powers, here embodied by black stains released by female bodies on both animated or unanimated surfaces,” Marthe explains. “For centuries, in many cultures, female liquids have been the target for superstition, curse, oppression, sin, impurity, evil. Sometimes it still is, as it’s considered improper to openly deal with it.”

The video was shot by Silvia Polmonari and features two different locations from the region where Marzia lives. The fire scenes were filmed at the Volcano of Mount Busca, where a perpetual source of natural gas erupts from the underground since ages. The forest is close to the Madonna dell’Acero sanctuary, on the Appennines, a famous local spot with cascades, mountains, and lakes. It was also filmed during the first snow of the year.

Known for her raw sound achieved with home recordings and utilizing any instrument at her disposal. Marthe has transposed her musical aesthetic perfectly onto this video.

Get the record here.