Track Premiere: PYLAR – ‘La Caída’


Spanish doom collective PYLAR just dropped their latest, droning masterpiece from full-length Abymos, “La Caída.” The record is out March 4 via Humo Internacional.

“With ‘La Caída,’ Abysmos’ first track, the atmosphere of the introduction is inspired by The Lighthouse soundtrack, with music composed by Mark Korven,” the band says. “Although Sunn O))) is an obvious influence, we wanted to add something to the drone vibe of the intro that you don’t usually hear in this type of band. While the horn and the guitar maintain a brutal and slow dialogue, the violin, the synthesizers and the electronic percussions add timbre variety through textures that intertwine and increase the tension.

“Once the theme explodes, the task is to maintain the tension of a music to which more and more elements are added, having in mind the Neurosis of Through Silver In Blood or the wildest Swans. On a harmonic level, the tension is not resolved until a final, leviathan-ic riff that coincides with the textural climax of the composition where the plot becomes ultra-dense, seeking to disorient the listener and plunge him into a spiral of dementia.”

Adding to their mystique, the occult group fuses invocations and ancient shamanic practices to make their music more of a ritual or ceremony that one needs to experience to understand. And even if you don’t buy into the metaphysical aspect of the music, the doom is strong with this one.

PYLAR album cover

Abysmos Track Listing:  

  1. La Caída (Descenso Definitivo A Través De Las Profundidades Mayores)
  2. Fervor Espiral
  3. Crepitación Solar
  4. Pasado Profundo

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