Track Premiere: Morgue Supplier – ‘Closing In’

Chicago-based death dealers Morgue Supplier are set to release their third album, Inevitability, this May and Decibel has the exclusive premiere of the album’s first single, “Closing In.” The duo—Paul Gillis (guitars, vocals, programming) and bassist Stephen Reichelt—are one half of the psychedelic death/doom quartet Drug Honkey, so it stands to reason that “Closing In” is a little off-kilter as well.

“Closing In” starts with standard death metal instrumentation and vocals but, just before the 2:30 mark, the song takes a turn for the weird, introducing minimalism and bits of psychedelia into the song. Gillis’ high screams add to the frantic nature of the programmed drums and grindcore side of Morgue Supplier’s sound. Anyone looking for a slightly different approach to death metal will find a lot to enjoy on Inevitability, and “Closing In” is a great introduction.

Listen to “Closing In” below and head to the Transcending Obscurity store for all the info about pre-orders.