News: Supergroup End Reign Unveil Face-Melting Tracks

End Reign
Image courtesy of End Reign

Metal/hardcore dream team End Reign just graced us with two really solid tracks, and that’s a pretty good way to end the week.

“The Hunger” and “Divine Abysmal” both set the stage for what to expect from the band: straightforward, metallic hardcore executed well and delivered with a ferocity worthy of our current hell scape.

End Reign are Mike Score (All Out War), Domenic Romeo (Integrity), Art Legere (Bloodlet), and Adam Jarvis (Misery Index). Between that line-up and the new tracks, we’re stoked to see what they have in store for 2022. We’re pretty sure, from the clues dropped so far, we can look forward to a full-length release via A389 Recordings.

Put simply, they are here to bring their collaborative power together and make something stronger than ever. “We are just dudes from other bands that wanted to do something together, and this is the end result,” they explain. Enough said.

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