Video Premiere: IATT – “Seven Wandering Stars”

It takes a lot of guts to openly name your album, Magnum Opus. But Philadelphia’s IATT is ready to stand by that term on their second album. This time around, they’ve brought some friends along, with “Seven Wandering Stars” featuring vocals from Jake Superchi from Uada. Decibel is happy to debut this thunderous song in all it’s sweeping glory, along with the accompanying music video.

According to the band:

“”Seven Wandering Stars” is sure to haunt the listener with its infectious melodies and a hook that is brimming with epic grandeur. The song’s poetic search for enlightenment and evolution is carried by a relentless and rhythmic strike while featuring hexes evoked by the endless chants of Jake Superchi.”

This theme of enlightenment and evolution ties in nicely with the album’s inspiration, that being the mysterious and fascinating history of alchemy. And while the alchemists never managed to turn lead into gold, the band has definitely forged something worth studying on this album. Enjoy the song below — Magnum Opus comes out on May 27 via Black Lion Records.