Blast Worship – Full Body Punishment

Where they from?
Viareggio, Italy. Did anyone see those NFL playoff games this past weekend? HOLY SHIT. I haven’t been this excited since I saw Cats live on Broadway. This is not a joke; I really saw Cats in 2018 and got my face painted and everything. It was a magical time. I’ve always considered myself to be a Mr. Mistoffelees in spirit.

Why the hype?
After a couple of spins I realized that this record was probably made by a guy who just bought one of those grindcore drumloop packs from Facebook sponsored ads and then recorded guitars and vocals over some of the loops. The crazy thing is that the resulting record is somehow better than the vast majority of crap that gets tagged as “grindcore” on Bandcamp. Yes, virtually every song on this album has the same BPM (or tempo or whatever the fuck you music nerds call it), but there’s plenty of tasty guitar riffs that recall glory days Nasum and some of the harshest extreme metal vocals I have heard in a long time, which makse this record absolutely standout despite its supposed constructional limitations. If only every one-man band could be this good!

Latest release?
The Endless Gear, self-released. It really is a kind of interesting, John Cage-esque experiment that every song on this album essentially features the same 3/4 drum patterns played at the same speed. One of the most entertaining things about grindcore is that it is intrinsically such a limited genre but that these limitations also allow it to explore territory that no other type of music does. What I guess I’m really trying to say is that all this album needed was a saxophone solo and it would be perfect.