Track Premiere: Dischordia – ‘Minds of Dust’

Midwest death metal trio Dischordia make quite a bit of noise on their new album, Triptych. Conceived at the altar of Gorguts and Ulcerate with a healthy dose of weirdness—credited instruments on Triptych include filing cabinet, wrenches and flute—with mixing and mastering by Colin Marston, the album sets itself apart with its cacophonous-but-controlled nature.

Today, Decibel has a stream of “Minds of Dust,” the first single from Triptych. It comes out of the gate sprinting, hitting the listener with aggressive, off-kilter riffs and blast beats; even the calmer sections of “Minds of Dust” are noisy and tense. Triptych is Dischordia’s third album, but it’s their first on a label and thus many listeners’ first exposure to the band. “Minds of Dust” is a great place to start; Tripytch is due out in 2022 via Transcending Obscurity.