Track Premiere: Fossilization – “Exalted in the Altar of Insignificance”

Fossilization band photo

Prepare for suffocating heaviness. Everlasting Spew Records recruited two of the duskiest bands in the death metal underground for an early-year split album. Ritual Necromancy first roared out of the abyss (AKA Portland, OR) about a decade ago. Their co-conspirators on this split are Fossilization. Known primarily as a project featuring two members from Jupiterian, the duo earned praise for their debut EP He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten. This split will crack open the earth on February 25th. Thankfully, Everlasting Spew has gifted us an early stream of a new Fossilization track to satiate us for now.

“Exalted in the Altar of Insignificance” will take your next seven minutes and plummet you into caverns untouched by light. While the drums blast, distortion churns and writhes like the pulse of ancient evil. The song’s doomy denouement revels in haunted melodies and somber atmospheres. The track feels like a funeral march through a boneyard. Fans of Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum, and Mortiferum will gladly surrender to the song’s crushing gravity. This is a chance to experience one of the most enticing new death metal bands while their story has just begun to unfold.

Blast some significantly heavy death metal from Fossilization below.

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