Track Premiere: Vile Ritual – ‘Tongues of the Exanimate’

Very little is known about American death metal entity Vile Ritual, but one thing is for certain: Tongues of the Exanimate, the upcoming release from the project, is an absolute wrecking ball of dirty, hallucinatory death metal. Case in point: the album’s title track, streaming below.

Despite all of its raw aggression, “Tongues of the Exanimate” takes the black/death metal format and adds a psychedelic layer to it, giving the music an ominous tone. This dark psychedelia gives the song room to breathe without abandoning Vile Ritual’s death metal base. As the first track on Tongues of the Exanimate, it also sets the mood for what’s to come.

Tongues of the Exanimate combines three new Vile Ritual songs with a newly remixed/remastered version of their self-titled demo, which they released in October 2019. It’s set for release on January 29 via Sentient Ruin and is available for pre-order here.