Blast Worship – Neon Hiss

Where they from?
Toronto, Canada. Holy shit, it looks like we got a brand new surge off Covid hitting us right before the holidays. I know this because 90% of my precious NHL games have been postponed this week. You know times are desperate when I’m betting on a Stars/Wild game. Either way, stay safe and make sure to wash your hands, you filthy mincers!

Why the hype?
When I was 17 years old I saw Car Bomb support for Pig Destroyer at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia. The band that opened that show was a trio from Brooklyn simply called Child Abuse. I was so impressed by their manic, jarring skronkcore that I bought a CD from them (I’m old).

I recount this because I feel like this band plays a very similar style to Child Abuse but with shorter songs and a bit more blast beats. I have always enjoyed the tiny synth-driven wave of grind bands who are influenced by the Locust and Ghengis Tron and Im glad to see that it still has it’s flag-bearers even at the close of 2021. Neon Hiss do this sound plenty of justice while adding their own unique take, especially on the slower stuff in which the synths are contorted to plum certain bass-heavy depths normally reserved for… um… a bass. Add on some truly anguished vocals that perfectly encapsulate life under lockdown and, boom, you got some dynamite stuff.

Latest Release?
The aptly titled shame, self-released. A.C. from Holy Grinder does all the music and the vocals here were recorded by someone simply referred to as CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP on their Bandcamp. But that’s not even what I wanted to focus on. What I really want to point out that they have a song called “Mormon Beautician,” which is one of Richard Lewis’ best lines from Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is truly the chef’s kiss off this album — bon appetit.