Video Premiere: Dæmonesq – “The Beauty of Letting Go”

Decibel is pleased to present a new video from a new voice in black metal, Dæmonesq. On “The Beauty of Letting Go,” the band weaves various shades of darkness together to craft a haunting and introspective listen. The guitars are clear but still have a good amount of raw edge to them, and feature a hypnotic blend of melodic and dissonant riff work. Against this foggy and misty backdrop are the ghostly vocals of lead singer, Raegina, whose voice carries the ideal shrieking grit the style calls for.

According to the band’s lead singer, Raegina:

“The video for our new single the beauty of letting go depicts the decision to give up on parts of one’s own identity to pave the way for the development of a new self. This decision can be very painful, and we’ll have to be hard on ourselves to actually manage this transformation. Therefore, the video reinforces the message of the lyrics that also emphasize the beauty, freedom and relief that come with the final choice to let go and give up on what once has been precious to us.”

I really like this message, as it departs from the subject matter of most black metal in a compelling way, and it reflects an experience any mature person can relate to. Oftentimes, we carry a variety of comforting illusions, sentimental attachments, and self-serving ideas that, once left behind, we realize should have been discarded ages ago.

The band will independently release its debut EP, also called The Beauty of Letting Go on February 25, 2022.