Full EP Stream: Brick by Brick / Cutthroat

East Coast meets West Coast when New York hardcore unit Brick by Brick joins forces with Los Angeles’ Cutthroat for a two-song seven-inch.

Brick by Brick’s side kicks things off with a bang, new single “Evil Remains” featuring Testament vocalist Chuck Billy. Fans of ’90s metalcore will dig what the NYC trio are putting down—no frills metallic hardcore with more than enough opportunities to mosh or throw your body side to side in the pit.

“‘Evil Remains’ is about all things come full circle,” explains guitarist Mike Valente. “The fact is, evil is always the underlying current. Behind every angel is a demon. Behind every hero, there’s a villain. Behind every religious ideology is the devil. Behind every politician is a puppet master. Evil will ALWAYS remain.”

Cutthroat bring an equal amount of intensity with “Overthrow” to their side of the split. The rhythmic, groovy hardcore paired with the band’s politically-charged lyrics is an effective combination. Cutthroat’s less-metallic sound keeps the two tracks distinct, but no less hard for it.

Vocalist Neil Roemer keeps things simple when explaining the track: “I’m tired of seeing ignorant people fight over two evil sides when the whole system is broken.”

Watch the videos for both “Evil Remains” and “Overthrow” below and score a copy of the seven-inch through Upstate Records.