Full Album Stream: Nekromant – “Temple of Haal”

With a moniker like Nekromant and the band originating from Sweden it’d be natural to assume this trio are on the extremely extreme side of the metal spectrum. Not so. Nekromant are all about clean vocals, NWOBHM riffing and general old-school metal worship. There’s a little doom/stoner/proto metal influence in there, but these dudes clearly have a fondness for classic metal—from Sabbath to Priest to Thin Lizzy.

The band’s third full-length, Temple of Haal, streaming in its glorious entirety below. arrives tomorrow, December 3, via Despotz Records. Physical preorders can be made here, while digital purchases can be made here.

Bassist/vocalist Mattias Ottosson had this to say about the new record:

A big part of this album is dedicated to our hometown. The small town called Vargön is hardly defined by its size or industrial prowess but rather by its location between the twin mountains, Halleberg and Hunneberg. The name ‘Haal’ is dated to 1325 and serves as firm proof that people have been living in the shadow of the mountains for a very long time.

These two giants have always been the subject of local myths and stories, which offered a huge amount of inspiration concerning the lyrics for this album. This place also has a strong connection to Sweden’s biggest lake, Vänern, and all that it entails. We are not the right people to judge the credibility in legends, but it is very hard to deny that this area has a certain nerve about it.

Musically, we do what we always do; music that makes sense to us. We are glad and proud that this record contains even more elements of classic heavy metal than before, with strong and clear melodies as well as an extra pinch of aggression. Nekromant has always been a band that is moving forward without ever losing connection to our musical roots. We plan on continuing doing just that.”