Track Premiere: Imperialist – ‘Majesty of the Void’

Forget Satan—we’re talking about space today. California black metal quartet Imperialist explore that vast unknown, alongside other science-fiction topics, with “Majesty of the Void,” a new track from their upcoming second LP, Zenith.

There’s a Swedish flavor to the music despite their West Coast home base, weaving soaring melodies in between blast beats and waves of tremolo-picked, thrashy guitars. That’s not to say that Imperialist inspire thoughts of snowy landscapes and frigid winters; “Majesty of the Void” invokes the cold and lonely feeling of floating in space, particularly when the music slows down and is allowed to breathe, like at the four-minute mark.

Zenith is due November 26 on Transcending Obscurity, but “Majesty of the Void” is streaming now.