Track Premiere: Myrdød – “Drom”

Myrdød has had a busy 2021.

After forming in the grim year of 2020, the duo of Søppelskaler (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synth, Drums) and Fractal Creature (Vocals, Album Art and Concepts) have put out two full-length releases and a handful of EPs. The project’s output is harsh and abrasive, the phrase, “in your face” was practically coined for music like this. However, they still manage to capture a melancholy atmosphere that adds a dash of drama to the sonic nightmare on display. (This is especially true on Frost Rituals I and Spells ov The River Witch).

On the band’s upcoming album, The Mourning Hollow, Myrdød has harnessed it’s legion of black metal demons to take possession of a death metal monster. The guitar tone is definitely still dialed under a funeral moon, but the arrangement of notes, drums and vocals styles come from every corner of fast and brutal extremity. It is our pleasure, therefore, to premiere the band’s latest single from the album, “Drom.”

According to Søppelskaler:

“Drom” appeared on our first EP. So I grabbed it and re-recorded it, as it felt right for this album with minimal changes. Simple yet effective song structures, immense build-ups; it’s a great representation of how I want the project to hit the brain. Spacey, heavy, totally relentless, and downright riffy!

Fractal Creature accurately characterizes it as “a spiraling shared nightmare. Two souls dying on Earth, both trapped in the same dream plane. It sounds like the deepest fears.”

The Mourning Hollow comes out on December 17 via Wise Blood Records.