Track Premiere: Phrenelith – ‘Gorgonhead’

Enter a death metal vortex with “Gorgonhead,” the latest offering from Danish outfit Phrenelith. The fourth track on their album, Chimaera, “Gorgonhead” serves as the divider between the front and back half of the album. That doesn’t mean the song is an interlude—Phrenelith hammer the listener with cavernous death metal for the entire run time.

“With its deathly howls and piercing riffs clawing away at the listener with baneful talons, ‘Gorgonhead’ showcases the band at their most ferocious,” Phrenelith tell Decibel. “As we aim for a musical approach that’s as carnivorous as the malformed and abhorrent entity it’s named after.”

Chimaera is out on December 10 via Nuclear Winter but Decibel is streaming “Gorgonhead” right now.