Track Premiere: Genocide Pact – “Purged Flesh”

We know you’re probably super stoked that it’s “Taco Tuesday,” but let’s try to dial back that misguided enthusiasm for the second worst day of the week (after Monday, natch) with something brutal and ugly. We don’t want to be a downer—OK, yes we do—but those spicy meat pockets will still be there and still be cheap once you’ve gotten an earful of Genocide Pact’s latest release from their upcoming self-titled third album, and second for Relapse.

The Washington, D.C. quartet—bassist Mike Nolan, drummer Connor Donegan,  guitarist/vocalist Tim Mullaney and guitarist Demir Soyer—are offering up a tune called “Purged Flesh” that’s just as bowel churning as any bargain-priced, mystery meat tacos. This track is like a sledgehammer to the guts, in fact. But let’s have Mr. Mullaney tell you a little bit more about it. 

This was the first song to materialize for this record. It was kind of a mashup of two ideas, one being a heavy, standard verse-chorus rock ’n’ roll ass beater and the other being psychedelic but in a negative way. I guess my idea was to have it sound like Jimi Hendrix if he hated everything and had a horrible attitude. Lyrically, this song deals with getting dealt a shitty hand in life and trying to self medicate and eventually realizing that you are running away from your problems on a treadmill and getting nowhere.”

Genocide Pact will be released on CD, LP and digital formats on December 3, but you can preorder physical copies in assorted formats here and digital downloads/streaming services here.

Full Track Listing:

1. Led To Extinction
2. Perverse Dominion
3. Fossilized Future
4. Mutilated Vision
5. Deprive / Degrade
6. Purged Flesh
7. Barbaric Regression
8. Industrial Obedience